You have to take your exams at UGent before departure. In case of a resit and if your academic year abroad starts early, you can ask the professor in question to take your exams early. However, this is a favor and not a right. If an early exam is not possible, you may contact your host institution to ask whether you can arrive later. In any case, do not leave for a foreign country before you are 100% sure that you fulfil all the conditions. If you do leave and it turns out that you do not meet the conditions, you have to return and you will not receive a scholarship. For courses taken at UGent, you take exams in Ghent. For courses taken at the host institution, you take exams at the host institution. Remote exams are not organized, unless in particular cases and after approval of the professor. Abroad, you take exams for the courses you take abroad. If you do not pass and the host institution offers a resit, you can also take part in the resit. If the host institution does not offer a resit or you do not wish to take part, you cannot take a replacement exam in the same academic year at UGent. If you do not pass (after the first or resit) abroad, you will have to retake at least the same number of credits you did not pass in the next academic year at UGent. The curriculum committee will mainly decide on the content of the course to be taken at UGent. This may result in the need to take more credits compared to the number of failed credits abroad. It is important to contact the curriculum committee as soon as possible to find out which course you will have to retake. You will be deliberated according to the deliberation rules that apply at UGent. The scores obtained for the exchange courses are also taken into account when applying the deliberation rules in accordance with article 67 and 71 of the education and examination regulations.